Advertise on Facebook Messenger! How to Create Ads and Measure Your Success

Facebook Messenger is a popular social media platform that many businesses are looking to for advertising opportunities. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of Facebook Messenger ads, how to create an advertisement on your business page and which ad formats are available, why it's important to run a successful campaign on Facebook Messenger, and best practices when running a campaign there.

1. What are the benefits of advertising on Facebook Messenger?

- You can reach a highly targeted audience of Facebook Messenger users.

- Since ads are sent to the right people, you have less chance at annoying your customers or prospects with irrelevant messages.

- Messaging is becoming one of the most popular forms of communication between businesses and their customers/prospects, so it makes sense for them to use this platform when they plan on communicating in real time.

- Your business will be able to gain insights into how many people clicked through your ad, which links were viewed by each user who opened them, what percentage watched videos vs engaging only within text posts - all without ever leaving Facebook! These analytics help measure success before determining whether or not an ad campaign needs more attention from you.

2. How to create an advertisement for your business

- Click on the "Ads Manager" button and select "Create Ad."

- Select your business page as the destination for the ad.

- Select a Facebook ads objective to track results (e.g., engagement, clicks to website, video views). You can also do this later if you want!

- Choose what type of campaign it will be: Reach people near your business or within a set distance radius; Create an audience from your customer file/CRM data; Target by demographics such as age range, gender, interests etc.; Deliver relevant messages based off consumer preferences - we'll go more in depth about these options below!

3. Which ad formats are available for Facebook Messenger?

- There are three different ad formats: Messenger, Canvas and Video.

- The Messenger format is a simple chat window with your advertisement inside of it - this will appear on the mobile app version of Facebook! It'll also feature a call to action button which you can customize based off what's best for your business goals.

- The Canvas format allows you to embed images or videos directly into an interactive mini website that users can swipe through; their feed updates in real time as they go from one slide (post) to another within the campaign!

- A video ad features moving images and sound like any other Facebook ads created there but becomes more powerful due to the fact that people who receive them over Facebook Messenger have to tap on them before they can be viewed.

4. Why should you use ads on Facebook Messenger instead of other platforms?

- Messenger ads are only available on mobile so it's a good idea to pay attention if you're not seeing results.

- Facebook can help businesses connect with customers in real time which is becoming more and more important as the world moves faster towards a 24/hr news cycle.

- You have access to user insights, advanced targeting options and detailed analytics for every ad that you create! These features make it easy to determine whether or not an ad campaign needs improvement before spending money on it. If you aren't getting leads from your advertisements there could be something wrong with how they were created - luckily these tools will tell you exactly what might need tweaking!

5. How to measure the success of your campaign

- Facebook allows you to measure success for your ads in a variety of ways: cost per install, link clicks, video views and more.

- You can use these metrics as a benchmark for future campaigns by comparing them with past results!

- In addition to this data being available at the campaign level it's also accessible from within each individual ad if you click on "View Insights." This gives marketers important information about which posts are working best so they know what messaging should be pushed towards their customers down the line.

6. The best practices for running a successful campaign

- You should always keep your customers in mind when creating an ad campaign.

- Use the targeting options that Facebook gives you to send advertisements only to people who are most likely interested in them! This will save money and ensure that ads aren't wasted on users who don't have any interest in what's being sold, which is one of the biggest mistakes business owners make.

- Start small with a set budget for each ad - this way if something goes wrong it won't be too much of a financial loss! If things go well then slowly increase your spending over time as you optimize towards success. Remember: every successful company has had failures before they became successful so embrace failure by learning from it instead of letting emotions take hold!

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