Advertising campaign in Viber: how it works, tips and tricks for use

A Complete Guide to Viber: How It Works, Tips and Tricks for Use. This blog post is all about the popular messaging app called Viber. The article covers topics such as what it is, how does it work, advantages of using the app, disadvantages of using the app and why you should use this new application.

1. What is Viber

Viber is an application that allows you to send text messages, photos and videos. Moreover, the app also enables you to make phone calls for free (if both participants are using Viber).

The messenger has more than 700 million users worldwide. The main reason why it's so popular is because of its user-friendly interface which can be used even by teenagers who don't have any previous experience with sending SMS or making calls online through apps like Skype since there isn't much difference between these two types of communication in terms of how they work on this messaging platform.

2. How does it work?

To use Viber all you need to do is install the program after downloading it from your smartphone's store and set up a new account either using your email or Facebook. After that, the application will save all of your contact details and you can start using it to send messages with any person who also has Viber installed on their phone (and is in the list of your contacts).

The app automatically detects if a certain number belongs to one of your friends so you won't have to memorize anyone's number since they'll be visible as soon as they call or write. The same thing applies for texts – once someone sends them, Viber recognizes this person from among all others existing in its database and adds him/her into the conversation window by default. This way you don't need to manually choose each new participant separately every time he calls because Viber does everything for you immediately after your contact makes the first move.

What's more, Viber also offers a special option called 'chat heads' which is pretty similar to Facebook chat as it allows you to continue browsing other websites while staying in touch with one of your contacts at all times since this feature will be shown immediately on top of any website that you're visiting and won't let you close either the conversation or the site unless you do it manually by clicking X sign next to their avatar (it can sometimes get quite annoying especially if someone sends an urgent message but actually interrupts something important). This way both parties involved in communication don't need to stay within Viber application running constantly because once they receive one text from another user nothing else matters – they'll see each other's avatar and message on top of any website they visit.

3. Advantages of using Viber

One of the biggest benefits offered through using Viber is that you can communicate with anyone without spending money for texts or minutes used during conversations. This factor makes it especially popular among teenagers and other users who aren't willing to spend a fortune just for staying in touch with their friends even if they're located thousands miles away from each other (for example, parents living abroad and sending messages back home).

It's worth mentioning that another benefit provided by this app is its fast speed – your message gets delivered within seconds after pressing 'send' button because unlike Skype which works only when both parties are online at the same time (and sometimes delays text delivery), Viber sends all information immediately as soon as it detects an Internet connection. What's more, you can also simply save your text or record a phone conversation for later purposes.

4. Disadvantages of using Viber

Even though Viber is one of the most popular messaging apps used worldwide, it's still far from perfect. One of its biggest disadvantages is that you can't log in to your account if you forget or lose your phone number because this way there's no chance for getting back into the system and access all messages sent during time when you were using it before (some people tend to change their numbers every now and then which means they need a new user name each time).

Another huge issue with Viber app is privacy – since we choose our email addresses as well as Facebook accounts ourselves, we also have full control over them so nobody else has any idea about what personal information these websites store about us. On contrary, services like Google+ require you to provide your phone number as well which is then sent and stored by Google – this way, if someone hacks into their database (which we've seen happened before), they will get access to all personal data of people using Viber simultaneously.

Of course it's also worth mentioning that like any other app used worldwide, Viber has its own disadvantages such as delayed message delivery or even messages disappearing completely from the screen without a trace after sending them out. Sometimes you'll record an important conversation only for it not getting saved afterwards because there were too many users involved in communication at once (so application won't be able to process everything). The last one definitely needs some improvement but still doesn't have much influence over how good the service actually works so you should definitely give it a try.

5. Why should you use Viber

As you can see from the list above, Viber has quite a lot of things going for it. The best part about this app is that if messages don't get sent out properly or even disappear after pressing 'send', users are notified immediately so they'll know exactly what happened and who's at fault (most likely their own phone service provider).

Furthermore, another great benefit offered through using this application is constant contact with friends located in different countries – all they need to do is install Viber on their smartphones and sign up for an account which takes only a few minutes; after that, both parties involved in communication will be able to send texts and make calls without any problems whatsoever (even though they might not like each other very much but live in different countries, for example).

Another great thing about using Viber is that it's completely free and doesn't require any additional payments so you won't have to spend your hard-earned money just on keeping in touch with friends. What's more, apart from phone calls and text messages (which are usually paid through the same provider who provides Internet connection), this app also allows users to share files including pictures or contacts while staying 100% anonymous during communication because no personal information such as email address or name needs to be provided when signing up.

6. Tips on how to use the app better and on a daily basis

To make your experience with Viber more pleasant, there are some tips worth mentioning that will help you get around its problems or simply achieve optimal results in any case. First of all, if you tend to lose messages even when they're not sent within group chats (which is quite frequent), open 'Settings' section in application menu followed by 'Notifications & Sounds'. Then turn off option called 'Vibrate upon receiving new message for each conversation', save changes and close window – this way notifications will come only through sounds without interrupting anything else like music playing from phone's speakers at the same which can be incredibly annoying especially if you're using your phone as MPplayer.

As for the second tip, it's also worth mentioning that if there are problems with sending messages to friends located in different countries (which is quite often), open 'Settings' and choose option called 'Notifications & Sounds'. Then turn off feature called 'Vibrate upon receiving new message from each contact', save changes and close window – this way you can always keep track of all communication going on between people since notifications won't be accepted until they actually show up which means no important information will get missed ever again.

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