Benefits and requirements of verification on Instagram and other social networks

For some, verification on Instagram is just an accessory. For others, it's a necessity to be taken seriously. If you're wondering what the benefits of getting verified are or how to go about doing so, then this post will answer all your questions! This post will cover everything from requirements for verification on Instagram to why you should get verified in the first place and more!

1. What are the requirements for verification on Instagram

-You must have a public Instagram account that is over 30 days old

-Your profile photo and username cannot be in an unapproved image format

-The name of your business or brand on the account needs to match exactly with what's in your website domain registration record for web verification. This also applies when you change names, so make sure you're careful when doing so

-You need a local business address, which can be verified through Google Maps or Pigeon for iPhone users. You also have the option of verifying your home address as well

-If you've been hacked and someone else is using your account then it's not eligible to become verified

-Finally, you must have a Facebook page for your brand or business, since Instagram now requires this if you want to be verified

-If you meet all these requirements then it's time to follow the steps below!

2. How do you get verified on Instagram

First, go to your profile and click on the 'Settings' tab. Scroll down until you see the option of “Request Verification”

Next, select this option then enter in the exact name that appears at the top of your Facebook page for verification purposes. Then choose if it's a personal or business account

Afterwards, you must submit an image that's no larger than 500 x 500 pixels with up to 15 MB file size limit. It has to be exactly square so Instagram can place their logo overtop of yours during verification time

Lastly, write out why you deserve verification on Instagram! Be sure not to use any words like ‘please’ or post photos as these are not allowed.

3. Why should I get verified on Instagram

-Having a verified account shows that your profile belongs to the person in their photos.

-You can have more control over who follows you and what images they see when they do so. You also get priority customer service from Instagram itself if there's ever an issue with something on your page for example

-It makes it easier to promote events, products, or services since people will know it's legitimate and not spam unless of course you're running some kind of scam!

-Verification is one of those things where once you've done it then everyone knows about it and thinks “If this brand has gone through all the trouble to be verified like X or Y company did then I should too”!

4. The benefits of getting verified on Instgram

You may need to repeat this step a few times before Instagram approves the request. When you get notification from their team, make sure to read everything carefully or else you might miss something important leading to another delay down the road!

Afterwards, upload your photo but be aware that there are specific guidelines on what type of images can be used here. They must not include words like “please” which could automatically disqualify the image, along with any nudity or inappropriate behavior shown within it since that could get your account banned for good!

Lastly, write out why you deserve verification on Instagram. Be sure not to use any words like ‘please’ or post photos as these are not allowed.

5. What are some other social media platforms that offer verification services

-Twitter does offer verification, though they call it “blue checkmark” which is one of their most prestigious badges you can receive

-Once your account has reached that level then anyone might want to follow you since it means the tweets are legit and not spamming people's feeds!

-You're also allowed to create an ad campaign on Twitter if your business needs additional promotion. The blue badge would help boost any campaigns or ads you make for raising awareness among users as well

-Facebook offers a similar service, called Verified Pages where verified accounts have small star icon by them instead of the usual F logo at the top right corner like normal ones do. This allows businesses using Facebook Ads Manager to target specific audiences for increased sales and leads.

6. Getting Verified On Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

When you have a blue checkmark on Twitter, it shows people that your profile is real and official.

There are more benefits to having the check mark too like being able to create an ad campaign through their Ads Manager or boost any of them via Promoted Tweets for example

You can also be allowed access to advanced features if needed such as creating ads targeting specific audiences with increased sales in mind!

The same goes for Facebook where verified pages have star icon next to them instead of the usual F logo at the top right corner which allows businesses using Facebook Ads Manager target certain users based on demographics etc. while increasing awareness among others too! It's important not just about getting verification but how you use it to your advantage.

LinkedIn has a verification process that's similar to Instagram where you need to submit an image and state why you deserve it on their platform, though there are some differences here too!

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