Cloaking (Cloaker) for Google Ads, Facebook and Yandex Direct

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Google, Facebook and Yandex Direct are some of the biggest advertising platforms on the internet. If you want to increase your conversion rates, then you have to cloak with these three platforms. In this blog post, we will discuss what cloaks are allowed by each platform, how to use a free software for cloaking with Google Ads and Facebook ads, benefits of cloaking and more!

1. Cloaking with Google Ads

Google Ads is probably the easiest ad platform in which you can cloak. There are many programs in which you can use to cloak using Google ads like GSA SER, RankerX and more! If you want to know how cloaking with Google Ads works, then check out this blog post .

Cloaking with Google Ads is an effective way to get more conversions from your traffic.

2. Cloaking with Facebook

Cloaking with Facebook is not as easy as Google Ads. However, it can still be done for example using GSA SER . It's also important that you understand what cloaks are allowed by Facebook and which ones aren't.

Facebook does allow self-referrals if the traffic comes back to your site through a referral URL (i.e., coming from social media, search engines or other websites).

However, they do not allow human review of clicks on advertisements so any click spamming tools should never be used when promoting ads on their platform!

Make sure to cloak with caution because if you get reported then your account will most likely get shut down! So let's go how to use GSA SER to cloak with Facebook.

GSA SER has many features for cloaking, but the most important are Cloaker and Auto-Clicker .

Cloaker allows you to create cloaked versions of your advertisements that will point to a website other than yours (i.e., destination URL). All GSA SER users have access to this feature which is pretty cool!

Auto-clicker works by clicking on specific ads at specific times so it's able to click faster than humans can do manually hence increasing your conversions significantly! This tool should be used carefully because if not done correctly then you might get reported so use it only when necessary.

3. Cloaking with Yandex Direct

Although Yandex Direct is a Russian ad platform, it's not that hard to cloak with this platform. In comparison to Facebook and Google Ads, cloaking with Yandex Direct doesn't require any special software but there are some rules you have to follow when doing so.

You're allowed self-referrals on the network however they do monitor for suspicious behavior like auto refreshing etc..

Also make sure your traffic comes from social media or other websites because if it does come directly from search engines then they will most likely not approve your advertisement! If you want more information about how cloaking works in Yandex Direct , go check out our blog post .

4. What cloaks are not allowed by the three advertising platforms

Cloaks are not allowed by the three advertising platforms if they contain adult content. Cloaks with a lot of spammy keywords can also get your account in trouble so be careful when cloaking!

In addition, cloaking is only allowed on Google Ads when you have an active Quality Score associated to it and no negative history from previous campaigns.

If this condition isn't met then Google will reject all cloaked ads without any notification whatsoever! Facebook follows similar rules for their network as well so always check before going live with your advertisements. Lastly, Yandex Direct does allow self-referrals but has strict guidelines about how much traffic should come from social media sources or other websites instead of search engines. Follow these rules closely because if not then your account will be suspended and you'll have to create a new one!

5. How to cloak using a free software

You can easily cloak with the above mentioned platforms by using one of the free tools available on RankerX.

For Google Ads, you have GSA Search Engine Ranker which is an all in one software for cloaking and many other SEO tasks!

GSA SER has a feature called Cloaker where you'll be able to create cloaked versions of your own advertisements so they point to websites that are not yours (i.e., destination URLs). This will increase conversions significantly because users clicking on your ads won't know that their coming back to landing pages from social media or search engines instead of directly going to your site! If needed then Auto-Clickers can help out as well if set up correctly because it's always good at increasing your conversions in a very short period of time.

Facebook doesn't allow cloaking but there's RankerX Facebook Auto-Clicker which is free and it will increase the number of clicks you get for pennies on the dollar!

6. Benefits of cloaking

The benefits of cloaking are having the ability to advertise on extremely competitive keywords without spending a fortune! Cloaked ads look like organic results so they'll convert really well which is what you want in the end.

There's definitely more but these are our most popular tools that will help you out when it comes to cloaking with Facebook, Google Ads and Yandex Direct .

So if you're looking for an easy way to increase your conversions then check us out today! We have free trials available for all new users so go ahead and sign up now before this offer goes away!

You can also cloak using GSA SER by creating cloaked versions of your own advertisements - This tool should be used carefully because if not done correctly then Google Ads will ban your account without any notification - Cloaking is only allowed on GSA SER when you have a Quality Score and no negative history from previous campaigns - Facebook doesn't allow cloaking but RankerX has Auto-Clickers that will increase the number of clicks for pennies on the dollar!

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