How to buy a promoted Facebook account is it worth doing? Advantages and disadvantages

A Facebook account is an online identity that you can use to connect with friends, family, colleagues and other people. You need a Facebook account if you want to interact on the site. This article will teach you how to create your own personal Facebook profile so that it's easier for people to find and connect with you there!

1. What is a Facebook account and why do you need one?

A Facebook account is an online identity that you can use to connect with friends, family, colleagues and other people. You need a Facebook account if you want to interact on the site. This article will teach you how to create your own personal Facebook profile so that it's easier for people to find and connect with you there!

You may not think of yourself as someone who would benefit from having their own private social media platform, but in reality it can be very beneficial indeed. Think about all those times when one small change could have made all the difference; like adding just one more person onto your guest list or remembering to buy milk on the way home instead of first thing tomorrow morning - same goes for FB effectively! There are many things on FB that can be tweaked and changed to make it more useful for you, if only you know how.

The first step is buying a Facebook account, which is surprisingly easy as long as you are willing to do your research. Sometimes people buy their own accounts without realizing they are doing anything wrong, but other times this is done for the sake of anonymity or privacy - some users wish not to have an online footprint at all! There's no need to feel guilty about wanting your private life kept just so; being able to take charge of who has access to what information can be incredibly freeing.

If none of these reasons seem like yours then there may still be benefits in having an additional profile besides your main - perhaps you could use it to keep in touch with old friends and family you don't see very often, or make new contacts online. You can do anything on FB that you would normally be able to; the possibilities are endless!

How about not buying your account? Of course this isn't recommended if for some reason privacy is a main concern of yours (which it really should be) but there's nothing wrong with using an existing profile as long as you follow Facebook's rules which state: "You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission."

If one day all your current accounts were deleted then having another ready-made backup could save the day. Think how much time it would take right

2. How to buy a Facebook account without breaking the rules

There are a number of ways to buy Facebook accounts. If you're looking for the easiest and most legitimate way, try buying from one of these websites:

If there's no response within fifteen minutes or so it is likely that they either don't have any available profiles at all right now, or else your offer was too low! Either way, keep checking back as new ones appear every day - sometimes more than once a day if demand suddenly increases. A good tip would be to set yourself up on a watch list before going off exploring other parts of FB; this will save you both time and effort when trying to track down the perfect profile.

Some people prefer using fbmarketplace even though they do cost slightly more because the process of bidding is more straightforward. Be sure to read the rules first before you go ahead and bid for anything, as there are different procedures depending on how much money has already been put into that particular account.

Just be aware that these sites will never let you buy an account with 100% organic activity; even if they say it's good quality, buying FB accounts is always a risk because Facebook can change its own rules at any time! What works now could easily stop working tomorrow so don't expect this type of profile to last forever - hopefully long enough until you have used it up though!

There are other websites too which claim to sell real facebook accounts but most of them turn out not to be genuine or else just take your money and run. Forging an account is another option but this takes a lot of skill and can be very risky too - if you think it's worth the gamble then go for it!

If all else fails, there are still other ways to get your hands on real FB profiles without using money; one way would be to simply add people as contacts until they accept (which should only take a couple of minutes). If someone has more than two hundred friends already this may not work because Facebook will assume that something fishy is going on and block your request. Another method which works well with random strangers who aren't yet connected to many others is sending requests in bulk: select around fifty at once and send them off before 'next' several times in a row. This is also risky though, so watch out for any changes in the profiles that you receive!

Warning: Beware of Scammers

There are plenty of scammers who will try to trick you into sending money by claiming they have FB accounts available but these people never actually follow through with their promises - if anything it's more likely that they'll just take your cash and disappear without saying goodbye! As long as you keep this in mind then there's nothing else to worry about because spending money on buying an account does not necessarily mean getting what you pay for...just be careful when choosing which website to go with!

3. Pros and cons of buying a Facebook account

Buying a Facebook account can be both good and bad. It all really depends on the circumstances surrounding each individual case so it's important to weigh up what you lose against what you gain before making any rash decisions!

One of the main benefits is that people will often add an account which looks genuine, whereas if someone had made one from scratch they would have been much less likely to get accepted by other users. This means that sharing links or advertising things should always go down better with accounts which were bought - not many FB users bother checking their 'other messages' section anymore after why take a risk when there are safer alternatives available?

Another great thing about buying accounts is that they never expire because nobody ever cancels them! If you buy one then it is yours forever which means that even though there might be less activity now, you can always go back to the account later on and find lots of good pictures or posts that were shared before. This helps keep your timeline looking busy all year round; people often check out profiles with older updates simply because they like seeing what has changed over time...

The main downside is obviously having to pay for something which anyone else could get for free (especially if they are willing to put in a bit of work themselves!). No matter how many years pass, Facebook will still know each account as being bought so this information cannot ever really disappear - although some accounts do look more genuine than others! The best way around this would probably be to go for an account which has been inactive for a long time but it's still not as good as having your very own profile that nobody can take away from you :)

4. The benefits of owning your own personal facebook account

Having a personal Facebook account that you own and control means no more annoying requests from people who aren't on your friends list. It also gives you the opportunity to make updates whenever you want without having someone else post things for or about you!

One of the main benefits is being able to add whatever picture of yourself that makes you happy - not something that a stranger would pick out. This way you get to choose the picture which will be seen by all of your FB friends - nobody else can take this power from you!

It is also really nice being able to add little updates whenever you want because it means people don't have to go looking for new things on your profile...they'll just see them as they log in just like you would if the information was about someone else.

Another strong point is being able to change your settings so that only certain people can contact you...this means no more irritating messages from strangers who want a chat - it's up to you whom you add and there really should be absolutely nothing stopping anyone from using this to their advantage.

The only real downside is the lack of certain things that can be done on personal profiles which are available for business ones - many people use FB as a form of advertising so there's no way you're ever going to get rid of these features completely, but it shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying what they do have!

5. Tips on how to get more likes for your profile picture

A good profile picture is always going to attract more friends and fans but it can be difficult getting pictures that look different from every other one! There are a few easy ways around this which anyone can try out at home without having to spend any extra cash. For example, if you take the picture right after eating then your face will end up looking smaller because there is less room for food inside of it...this means that people who see your image won't have as much trouble recognising you in person - win win situation!

Another tip would be taking all three photos with each camera individually so they don't all look like clones of each other. This way nobody else could go on FB and upload almost exactly the same photo as yours even if they tried...

Lastly, you could always try talking to a stranger next time you're out or invite someone new round for dinner! If the photo is taken straight after then it will look like two friends having fun rather than just one person being awkward with their arm around another :)

Another option would be to go somewhere where nobody has ever been before - this way there are no pre-existing pictures which might make yours seem boring by comparison. It's also worth pointing out that if people can see what kind of background your picture was taken against (for example an empty street) then it gives them less scope for imagination; everyone likes dreamy backgrounds!

6. How to create an attractive profile that will increase the number of people who want to be friends with you

The way you look is always going to be the first thing that people notice about your profile so it's important that you put a bit of thought into what kind of picture would suit you best. There isn't any point uploading something which makes other people feel uncomfortable because these are the ones who will not accept your friend requests...this means less friends and time wasted!

For example, if someone looks happy in their photo then there is much more chance they could make another person smile - this may cause them to want to get on FB just for this reason alone without even realising why! It also helps if pictures show some parts of the body where most clothes fit (for example legs or arms) but stay away from anything too revealing otherwise everyone will just assume the worst!

A good idea would be to see if you could find a few pictures which look like they were taken around the same time...this means that your face will seem more familiar and people who recognise it may think its someone else at first so this is where creativity comes in. You can also take extra care over what kind of things are going on behind you too because these often go unnoticed (for example: big buildings, famous statues etc.) and give others something to talk about other than how happy or sad their day has been :)

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