How to Increase Conversions with Facebook Ads: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a way to increase your conversion rates? Facebook ads can be an excellent weapon in your marketing arsenal. In this blog post, we will go over how to set up and run a successful campaign on the social media platform. Whether you're just getting started or have been using Facebook Ads for years, there is something here that will help improve your ROI!

1. What is Facebook Ads and how does it work?

Facebook ads are one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. It's easy to create an ad, target it at prospective customers and get results quickly. Facebook has more than two billion users around the world so this is a great way to reach potential customers!

The first step in setting up your campaign is by creating an advertising account with Facebook Ads Manager . Just follow these steps:

Log into your personal or business account on Facebook Go to Click 'Create An Ad' Create your first ad using images, videos or text Customize how you want people who see your ad move through each stage of the buying process (e.g., "add to cart" vs " now") Choose where you want your ad to appear by targeting specific geographic areas or custom audiences

The next step is deciding how much you want to spend and what your budget for this campaign will be. Facebook lets you choose from a variety of spending levels, such as $20 per day up to $20000 every month. Once that's set, it's time to create your first ad!

Before continuing with the next steps of creating your campaign in Ads Manager , please make sure that you've added the code provided by AdEspresso for page-level conversions . If not, just head over here first: Page Level Tracking Conversion Scripts Then come back here and continue :)

2. Setting up an advertising account and setting a budget

Once you have your code from AdEspresso, go back to the Ads Manager > Create Campaign page. Choose a name for your campaign and select 'Website Traffic' as the objective . Then click on 'Create An Ad'.

You will be taken to a new screen where Facebook offers some suggestions about which ad format or copy would work best - choose one of those options if it fits with what you're trying to accomplish here. If not, enter in information such as headline text , description , link URL (e.g., ""), image/video URL(s) and more! Don't forget that every ad needs an image or video so make sure this is included before sending it off into cyberspace. You can just use a stock photo or shoot your own, too!

When you're done building out all of the components for this ad and think it's ready to be seen by Facebook users everywhere, hit 'Place Order' at the top right-hand side of the page:

You will now see your campaign in progress which means that it is time to start driving traffic towards your website so you can begin seeing results with conversions on AdEspresso !

If you do not have an account yet , sign up here . If you already have one but haven't created any ads before (or if want some inspiration), check out our full library of free advertising examples .

3. Creating your first ad

In the new window that appears in Ads Manager, click on the 'Create Ad' button at the top right corner In the left navigation pane under "Audience," select who you'd like to target with ads (e.g., people based off their demographics or interests) Under "Ad type" select whether you would like an image-based post or text-based status update. Once you have selected the ad type, click on "Create Ad" Now customize your campaign even more by choosing how much to budget per day or week for this specific ad. You can also choose between running your ads continuously, or scheduling them to start at a future date. When finished, click

Now that you have created an ad and assigned it to the right audience on Facebook, it's time to set up conversion tracking so you can see if visitors who clicked on this ad actually converted into customers!

Before continuing with the next steps of creating your campaign in Ads Manager , please make sure that you've added the code provided by AdEspresso for page-level conversions . If not, just head over here first: Page Level Tracking Conversion Scripts Then come back here and continue :)

4. Running the campaign and analyzing results

When you're ready to launch your ads , just hit "Start Campaign" You can monitor its performance in Ads Manager under the 'Campaigns' tab Once that's set, it's time to create your first ad!

The next step is creating the lookalike audience that will be used in our Facebook Ads campaigns moving forward! We all know word-of-mouth marketing and referrals are powerful forms of growth . Using an advanced targeting feature called 'Lookalike Audience' you can find new people who are likely to engage with your business just like those customers who already love what you're selling!

5. How to set up conversion tracking on your website so you can see if visitors who clicked on your ad converted into customers

In Ads Manager, click your ad from the 'Campaigns' tab Click on "Tools" and select "Conversions" Scroll down to find the conversion type you want to use as a benchmark for future campaigns (e.g., add to cart or purchase) Select either 'All conversions' or choose specific ones Underneath where it says "This will only track people who complete these actions," uncheck boxes next to any that don't apply

Now that we have set up Facebook Conversion tracking , let's create our lookalike audience! Launch an advanced search in Facebook using one of your customer email lists as a seed list You can also upload your entire email database if needed Customize your results even further by refining filters like location and age Within the "Locations" section, uncheck any that don't apply Underneath where it says "This will only return results for people who live in these locations," use the drop-down to select specific areas you want

6. How to create a lookalike audience for future campaigns based off of people who have already shown interest in your product or service

Next up is creating our first lookalike audience!

Launch Facebook Business manager Select your business page (not the personal profile) Find the create campaign button at bottom right side of screen Name your campaign Give it a budget Select the ad objective (we will choose "Send people to your website") Next up, click on 'Create Audience' and select either Saved or Custom Under custom audience , find where it says "Use an Email List" Click that drop-down menu and choose one of the lists you created in step #a.

When finished, hit publish

Now let's look at how much traffic we are getting from Facebook Ads! Within Facebook Business manager, go to Insights tab Find out which ads are performing best by selecting them in the list under 'Campaigns' Take note of when they ran Start evaluating what is working well for YOU so you can learn from it moving forward The more testing you do with different types of campaigns, audiences, and creative assets, the more you'll understand how to get conversions from Facebook Ads!

In order to run a successful campaign using Facebook Ad targeted at your customers , there are several steps that must be taken. First off, we have created an ad account on our business page by following these easy steps:

Sign into your personal profile In the upper right-hand corner of your screen click "Create Page" Name this new fanpage (i.e., 'Marketing') Fill out all relevant information about what you want people to know when they visit this site Once completed and published on Facebook, find where it says "+ Create ad", which is located underneath where it says "Boost Post" Click here After clicking +create ads' you will be directed to the Ads Manager page where you can explore various ad formats Located in "Campaigns" on your left hand side, find 'Create Ad' and click here

Enter title of ad (i.e., Facebook ads for marketing) Select the audience that is relevant to this ad campaign (i.e., people who like Marketing or Digital Marketers) If applicable, enter a link URL into the website field Make sure location services are set up so it reflects any changes if they occur depending on what country someone is located within Once completed with all previous steps , hit continue Next up review all creative assets which include images & video Upload additional photos using album feature Finally give an end date when you want this campaign to run Don't forget to add a budget! Facebook Ads only works if you set aside money for it.

If your business is selling products or services, then this would be an ad that leads people back to your ecommerce store via a link to the website URL . It's important because it will help drive conversions by sending traffic from Facebook directly through our ads and ultimately back into our online store where we can make sales !

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