How To Use Instagram For Your Online Store: How to Get Started and Tips for Success

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share their lives and interests with others. With over 500 million active monthly users, Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for connecting with people around the world. It's also an excellent tool for small business owners looking to grow their customer base and increase online sales. In this article we'll cover how you can use it as a marketing strategy, tips on getting started, and more!

1. What is Instagram and how can it help your online store?

Instagram, owned by Facebook since 2012, was launched in 2010 as a mobile photo-sharing app. It allows users to share photos with their followers (friends) on the platform or through third party apps like Twitter and MailChimp. Users are able to 'like' other people's posts which helps build relationships between brands/businesses and potential customers that they wouldn't have otherwise had contact with. For businesses this means access to more leads than traditional social media platforms but also an audience of highly engaged individuals who love sharing what you post about!

To give you an idea of just how influential Instagram has become for small business owners, take a look at this article which breaks down the sales that brands have made through their Instagram profiles.

Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for connecting with people around the world and is also an excellent tool for small business owners looking to grow their customer base and increase online sales!

2. How to get started with Instagram?

Getting started with Instagram is very easy. You can either download the app from your app store or you can create a profile on your phone's browser here . Remember, if you want to be successful on instagram it's important to have a professional looking account so design and quality of images are super-important!

Once you've gotten started, the next step is to build your followers. The more people who follow you, the better! You can buy Instagram likes and views from a website like Buzzoid which will help boost credibility for new users on the platform looking at your account.

Buzzoid also offers IGTV views (like YouTube) if that's something that might be of interest to you too!

By building up an audience using tools like these it helps instagram think that what you post is valuable content so they'll continue showing it in their newsfeeds - this makes getting seen by potential customers much easier than trying to organically grow a following through posting great quality images with hashtags every day. takes forever and unless real humans are finding your account and liking your posts it's unlikely you'll be seen much.

3. Tips for using Instagram

Using hashtags is super-important when it comes to Instagram marketing. They help categorise your posts so people can find them more easily, which means you have a greater chance of being seen by potential customers.

Here are some suggested hashtags for different types of businesses:

* Fashion - #fashion #instafashion #fashionblogger or tag the particular brand's account * Food and drink - #foodporn #thefeedfeed or any other food related hashtag (#tacotuesday etc...) * Art - Tag local galleries that might be interested in what you post * Other retail stores - Use general tags like these e.g. "online store" "#smallbusinessesofig" etc...You could also tag other stores that sell similar products to yours and see if they share your posts

Using hashtags is one of the best ways to get seen on instagram so don't underestimate their importance!

Here are some more tips for using Instagram:

- Set a goal or theme for each post - it helps keep you focussed and gives people who land on your account an idea of the "vibe" you're going for. This also makes it easier when choosing filters, as certain ones will work better with specific themes/goals than others. For example, If I was posting lifestyle images around food then I would use Valencia because its bright colours make my pictures appear warmer (and happier!) which fits perfectly with this type of image.

4. Why you should use Instagram if you have an online store

There are many benefits of using Instagram if you have an online store.

Firstly, having a strong presence on instagram means that people who find your account but aren't ready to buy will remember your brand and come back later when they're looking for something specific or browsing through their feed. This is much more effective than spending the same amount of time posting images with no sales conversions!

Secondly, since most users use Instagram on their mobile devices it's easy for them to click straight through from one image to another if they like what they see - this makes it very important that all photos look great so there's as little friction between seeing something desirable and making a purchase as possible (and gives you more chances at getting those coveted 'click to website' links!)

Another reason to use Instagram is the ability to tag other businesses in your posts! This means that if you're collaborating with another business or brand, it's easy for them to share your images and spread the word about what you've posted. You can even do this on personal accounts too so friends who like someone else's picture will see all of their public posts which makes finding new people/brands much easier than looking through each account manually. It also encourages engagement because seeing a name pop up next to an image triggers emotions making users more likely click-throughs leading back to one of your own accounts - double win!!

And finally, having a strong presence on any social media platform gives customers confidence in buying from you - it shows that you have a strong brand presence which means they know their purchase will be safe, secure and delivered to them on time! And the more social media platforms your business is active on (and having an online store makes this much easier!) then the better because each one builds off of the others.

5. The benefits of using instagram for your business

The benefits of using instagram for your business are as follows:

- It is a great tool to engage more customers and get them interested in purchasing from you.

- Instagram can help grow your online store's brand awareness which will increase conversions and sales.

- You can post pictures that link back to your account or website so people can easily buy what they see on instagram! This makes it easy for new visitors to click through if they see something of interest leading directly into the buying process, increasing conversion rates even further! - When used correctly hashtags give users more opportunities to find brands like yours making it easier than ever before for potential customers who may not have heard of you yet, know about your products/services and begin following you!

- It's free and easy to use so there isn't a huge commitment to getting started right away.

Here is an example of how I've used instagram as part of my online store:

I posted this photo not long after starting the blog, it was super easy for me to take a quick snap on my phone while walking around one afternoon before posting. The image shows what kind of style/vibe I'm going for with both themed posts (in this case Halloween!) AND lifestyle photos where people can see who I am outside The Little Vintage Dollhouse which makes them feel more connected and familiar with me - plus its nice little reminder that we all need time off from work sometimes :). The caption I included was a link to the blog post and hashtags like #vintage, #halloween and #blogger - all of these help users looking for something specific find my content which is great!

6. Ways to make the most out of your instagram account, including what hashtags to use and when to post on a weekday or weekend etc.

- Comment regularly on other accounts relevant posts, etc... to build relationships with potential customers that may not have otherwise had contact with! Finally, don't spam people with comments and links!! Remember it's important to add value by providing information in your comments rather than just promoting every opportunity!! If possible use a personal account instead of business because managing multiple accounts can be very time consuming which means less growth for the business overall. DON'T USE A PERSONAL ACCOUNT!!! Make sure that your customers know what they should expect so you don't lose followers and respect by not following through with your own bio's description. Don't forget to add value on Instagram rather than just promoting every opportunity!

The benefits of using instagram for your business: - Access to more leads than traditional social media platforms

- An audience of highly engaged individuals who love sharing what you post about

- Build trust among potential customers because coming from a brand/business account instead of individual person which can be seen as creepy!!! Ways to make the most out of your instagram account, including what hashtags to use and when to post on weekday or weekend etc... Post at least once per day on business account Use hashtags (#) when posting photos Tell followers what to expect (if it's a business account) Don't use personal accounts Show value in the comments rather than just promoting every opportunity!

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