How to wind up followers on Instagram? How to buy likes safely?

In today's day and age, many people have a social media account. And it's not just the kids... adults are joining in on the fun as well. One of the most popular platforms is Instagram, which has over 700 million monthly active users! If you're looking to get more followers, likes and exposure for your account on this platform then here are 11 steps that will help you achieve your goals:

1. How to get followers on Instagram

-The first tip to get more followers on Instagram is to use hashtags in your posts. Hashtags are search words that categorize the post into different feeds which pulls it up when other users do searches related to that word or phrase. For example, if you're a fitness influencer and want people who love working out to find you then using #workout will pull your account up for anyone looking for this type of content. Similarly, putting tags like #fitspo (fitness inspiration) or #motivationmonday… etc can help bring traffic towards your page too!

-Instagram also allows accounts with large followings + high engagement rates in their algorithm so they show up before others, meaning once someone finds them they'll be more inclined to follow you. So this means that when posting a photo or video, try and get as many engagement from people in the first couple minutes of publishing it so Instagram can see how much your content is being loved!

-Another way to gain followers on Instagram is by linking up with other accounts who have similar audiences - they're called crosspromoting. You both post each others' handles at the end of posts so new audience members for one account also follows them too! This type of promotion works best if you know your target market likes what their following already shares

2. Ways to increase your engagement with posts

-One tip to gain more engagement is by posting at times when your target market will be most active - research which time of day and days of the week people are online. If you're a business, it would make sense to post during office hours since this is when most employees have time on their phones! A great way for personal accounts though may be weekend afternoons or evenings as these tend to be slower periods but still allow followers some free time

-Another thing that can help with gaining likes and comments (and therefore increasing Instagram's algorithm) is asking questions in your captions. When users reply they'll tag other friends who might find the answer interesting too so those people then come into view seeing your account name which can increase your following

-When asking questions in the caption, don't just ask for comments or likes - you'll get those anyway! Instead try adding it into a question that still fits with your post so people can comment on something relevant. For example, instead of "what do you think?" where users would reply saying what they actually think (and ignore this tip), say things like "does anyone else find [insert topic] interesting? Let me know in the comments!" and then add an emoji to show when someone's replied

3. Tips for buying followers and likes

-One thing you can do to get more visibility and followers on Instagram is purchasing followers and likes. Buying these helps increase your engagement rates too so it's a great way of getting noticed by new people because they'll see how much interaction there is with the content!

-Buying likes works similarly - when someone sees that many others have liked something, especially if it's just been posted, then they're likely going to give this post some love too since everyone else seems to enjoy what you share

-There are lots of websites out there which allow buying of both kinds for very cheap prices (such as 100 real IGTV views for $12). When using this type of service though make sure the site allows "real" accounts to be viewed since these are the ones who will actually engage with you. Avoid sites that allow bot or spam views as Instagram can take down your account if they catch on

4. Getting more exposure by following influencers in your niche

-Following influencers in your niche is a great way to get noticed by new people since they'll see you've liked their posts and might visit yours too! This type of crosspromotion works best when the followers already have common interests - don't just follow everyone that follows someone big because it won't work

-Another reason this works well is because these accounts normally post fairly regular content so if you're interested in what they share, chances are other users who like IGTV will also find an account interesting which means more eyes on your own page for potential growth

-Be careful though when following back as some accounts (especially those with lots of followers) can take screenshots or report certain actions taken towards them. If Instagram catches you doing this, you could get into trouble for spamming so try to stay safe

5. Strategies for getting more comments on your posts

-Getting comments on Instagram can be tough but there are a few ways you can make this easier. Try asking questions in the caption to get people commenting, even if it's just one word answers like "yes" or "no". You could also ask for feedback about what you post - many times followers will love to reply with their thoughts -Another thing that helps is using hashtags! When putting them into your photo captions, try not adding too many since spammy ones may get deleted by IG and then no one sees your image at all

-Using relevant tags does work though so don't try forcing unrelated words onto posts because again they might just get taken out altogether which means another lost opportunity of exposure through likes and comments

-Another thing you can do is try asking questions in the bio of your account. This way there's no character limit so people are free to reply with as much information as they like! Again, if anyone takes a screenshot of this then it could be reported but IG isn't always quick about checking these things out - just don't ask for private or personal info and remain respectful towards other users.

6. Creating a strategy that works best for you based on what you want to achieve from the account (examples of objectives include building brand awareness, making money off products sold through the account)

-As for building brand awareness, you can do this by creating a series of posts which are related to one another. For example, if your account is about fashion then create an image around that topic and post it at the same time every day so people get used to seeing similar stuff from you

-Once they like what they see and start following because of how much they enjoy your content (which should happen after a few days), make sure not only to keep posting images but also interact with them! Engaging in conversation with users will create more trust between both parties and encourage followers to continue checking out the page even when new images aren't posted daily - just remember never be demanding or force anyone into taking part in something they don't want to do.

Some tips for buying followers and likes: -When it comes to spending money on getting more exposure through IG, there are a few things you need to be aware of -First off, refraining from using bots or spammy tactics as this gets your account reported very quickly which means bye bye followers since no one wants that! If anything happens like this then Instagram may even delete the whole thing so just try not going down that road at all. You can use sites offering these services but again stay safe by only allowing accounts with real people rather than automated ones.

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