Instagram analytics services for business. Step-by-step guide from start to finish

There are many social media platforms to choose from, but Instagram is one of the most popular. For this reason, it's important that you learn how to use Instagram for business. This post will cover 6 tips that will help you get more followers and likes on your profile while still being authentic. You'll also find out about tools that can help you analyze your account for growth opportunities, as well as ways to manage notifications so they don't become overwhelming or distracting from other tasks in life.

1. What is Instagram analytics and why do I need it?

It's important to know how many people are following your account and what they're liking the most. You can get this information from Instagram analytics, which is a free tool that allows you to track engagement on your profile in real time. This includes:

- The number of likes and comments for each post over a period of 30 days (or longer if you choose)

- The reach of each post based on impressions and engagements with others' posts shared through hashtags related to yours

- A breakdown by location so you can see where all your followers come from geographically or even just their favorite city/country when visiting other profiles such as brands or influencers who might be located there

This will help you learn about different aspects of your account to see what is working and what you can improve on.

If you're looking for a more in-depth analytics experience, there are other tools that offer this such as Iconosquare .

*Tips: * - Track the number of profile visits each month so you know how many potential customers or clients may be viewing your page. You want to make sure it's enough where they feel comfortable contacting you if needed! Also track which posts get liked/commented the most by others because these topics might also interest them when interacting with you via comments, likes, shares etc. This will help point out certain aspects of your brand that people enjoy seeing from updates or new product releases etc. In addition to hashtags being a great way to get a post more exposure, they can also help you track which hashtags are most effective so that if the time comes where you have a contest or giveaway, it is easier to know what hashtag would be best for your audience.

2. How to set up an account with the necessary tools?

The first thing you want to do is set up your account correctly. In order for Instagram analytics tools to be able to track who follows or likes your posts, they need certain information from you.

- Make sure the email address used with this specific social media profile is one of yours and not a personal/business email that someone else may use instead

- Set it as a business page if possible (otherwise people will think it's just another personal looking at pictures) Your description should state that "This Page Is Managed By" followed by your name and then under 'About' include: We help our clients increase their online presence through digital marketing strategies such as SEO, Social Media Marketing Email Marketing so they can generate more leads, sales and conversions.

- Include a variety of images on your profile so people know what to expect when they visit it

Once you have this set up correctly, now is the time for tools! We'll start with analytics first - Imgur . This website allows users to quickly upload an image or video from their computer without having to sign in through another service such as Instagram. You can track how many views each post gets over different periods of times (which we mentioned above) and see which posts get more engagement than others by looking at likes and comments and other metrics like 'best' or 'worst'. Iconosquare is also one that will give you access into all the data discussed earlier regarding your account's activity including likes, comments, mentions etc.

- It's important to mention that tags are not tracked by these tools so you need to keep in mind how many times your product or company name is mentioned on the page when sharing with others who don't use Instagram analytics tools

*Tips: * - Make sure hashtags count towards engagement metrics if they're used correctly! This means using popular hashtags related to your post topic instead of just throwing them around for no reason at all and does NOT mean tagging every single person/company even if they have nothing to do with what you're posting. For example someone looking for a business shouldn't be tagged in an unrelated picture about something else entirely unless it actually applies (and versa) - this will likely cause them to unfollow you!

- It can be very easy and tempting to just post whatever is interesting or popular in the moment but try not to lose sight of what your brand represents. This means that if a picture gets more likes than expected and it's unrelated, don't share it again later on unless there's a good reason for doing so (for example, showing all the cool places around town where people like visiting etc.) - The point here is consistency! You want potential customers/clients looking at your profile over time knowing they will get something similar every time they see an update from yours. *Tips: *

3. The importance of a hashtag strategy on your profile

- By using a variety of hashtags, you're able to help people find your account more easily.

- It's important that when they click on the 'Top' tab in Instagram analytics tools, it brings up posts from ALL accounts related to yours - this means not just posting things because others are popular at the time but making sure they actually apply and will engage with your audience

The most recent update allows users to add 30 hashtags per post instead of 20 which is great! Just remember that tagging 100 different companies or influencers does NOT mean each one will be tagged every single time (and versa) so make sure you use them correctly for best results! *Tips:*

- Remember if comments aren't monitored carefully, they can become spammy and (just like with follow requests on LinkedIn) users will then opt out of such comments. - Be careful about how often you post as Instagram has a limit to the number of updates per day which is 15 .

- Try not to have more than 70% going towards hashtags or they won't be counted in analytics tools! People need time to engage with your account so it's important don't overwhelm them by sharing too much information at once - mix up pictures, videos etc. instead just uploading one picture every hour for example isn't good for engagement!

- If you're looking to track hashtag usage from other accounts that aren't yours, try using Keyhole *Tips:*

4. Tips for using Instagram as a business tool

- For businesses, it's important to make sure you're using Instagram as a business tool and not just promoting your brand all the time.

- It can be easy to get lost in posting what you think people want or expect instead of sharing things that are fun or inspiring which is why hashtags are so great! You don't have to use tags for every post if there isn't anything related but having some on hand will help keep things interesting while still being relevant .

*Tips: * - Use analytics tools like Iconosquare regularly (daily/weekly) to see how well your posts are doing over different periods of times - this way you can continue trying new strategies without feeling too overwhelmed by data.

- The best time to post is generally when your audience is most active which means different times for different accounts - try checking out Iconosquare's Post Scheduling feature now that you're logged in!

- It can be easy to get caught up looking at analytics tools all day or getting too focused on strategy but the best thing about Instagram (and social media) is it should be fun ! If you're not enjoying what you're doing, how do expect others to?

5. Creating content that will get you more followers and likes, while still being authentic to yourself

- It's important to meet people where they are which can be hard when you're trying to market yourself as a business.

- Try taking pictures of what inspires you or things that give your audience something interesting and engaging rather than just promoting your services all the time.

*Tips: * - Remember, not everything has to have a purpose! Sometimes followers will understand it's simply because it was fun / cool etc., but other times if there isn't any real reason for posting something, save it for another day instead of wasting their time .

- Posting too often is one thing (15 posts per day maximum) but uploading content with no link between each post makes Instagram analytics tools almost useless ! If someone clicks on Topsy and sees your last picture was from three days ago, they might assume you're not active which can affect their decision to follow.

- If you do want to promote something or post about upcoming events etc., make sure it's clear what the purpose of posting is (ie: "save this date!") so people don't feel like there are ads everywhere on your account .

*Tips: * - Remember hashtags aren't everything! They help but sometimes content needs more than that! Having a strategy involving both will give Instagram analytics tools some real data to work with .

6. Managing your notifications so they don't become overwhelming or distracting from other tasks in life

- It can be easy to get distracted by the number of notifications coming through but it's important not to let this become overwhelming.

- If you have a small account, try enabling post notifications in Instagram so that way when someone tags your business or comments on one of your photos, there won't be any new pop ups!

*Tips: * - When enabling Post Notifications for an individual post, remember these will only come up if they've tagged/commented under the picture itself , otherwise people aren't notified at all which is why checking out analytics tools frequently is still necessary .

-User profiles are where you'll see who has mentioned/liked your page and can take action accordingly (unfollowing / blocking etc.) - if you have a large account it's best to disable notifications so that way your phone isn't constantly buzzing!

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