Let's Make Your Marketing Efforts Work for You: 6 Strategies to Increase Conversions

Marketing can be difficult for many businesses, but with these six strategies you will see an increase in conversions! But before we get into the details of how to improve your marketing efforts, let's talk about what conversion rates are. Conversion rates measure the percentage of visitors who take action on a call-to-action or convert into customers. The goal is to have as high a conversion rate as possible.

1. Promote your website on social media :

a. Utilize Facebook and Twitter to announce new products or services that will be available on your site. You can also use these platforms as a news feed, sharing articles related to the industry you're in and uploading photos of business events you take part in.

b. Use Pinterest for its visual appeal by pinning images from your website onto boards relevant to your business niche so people who are searching specific topics have an easy way of finding it! The more descriptive hashtags you include with each photo, the better chance there is of being found!

c. LinkedIn allows businesses from all over the world connect through their company pages, which includes information about what they do, different ways customers can contact them and any job openings at that specific business.

d. Use Instagram to upload photos of your products or services that are creative and unique in order to stand out from the crowd! Try implementing an interesting filter over them with multiple hashtags so people can find your page easier when searching for certain topics related to what you do.

e, Utilize YouTube by uploading videos about how different products work or tutorials on using them! You can also make short films featuring employees at your company talking about their roles there as well as why they enjoy working where they do! Videos are a great way of showing personality while gaining backlinks through SEO

f. Twitter is used more often then ever before because it allows users only 140 characters per post which keeps things brief but informative enough to gain followers and potential customers.

g. Use Google+ to share links to your website, interact with other users in the industry or simply post an update about what's happening at your business! Making sure you have a strong presence on all social media platforms is important because it ensures people are able to find out more information about your company no matter where they look.

h. You can also use Facebook groups as a way of sharing content related to what you do while interacting with others within that same group who are interested in similar things! Make sure not to be too sales-pitchy but instead offer advice whenever possible so people feel like they're getting something useful for free rather than being sold something

i. Utilize LinkedIn's business pages to add photos and links related to your company that will catch the attention of people browsing through certain groups, while also allowing you to post updates about what's going on in your world!

j. Add a call-to-action button below each piece of content so readers know exactly where they should go next if interested

k. Focus on posting regularly because social media is all about developing relationships with other users and staying up-to-date at all times makes this easier for both parties involved!

l. Use Facebook ads as an effective way promoting new products or services by targeting specific customers based off their age, location and interests (for example: 35 year old women who enjoy cooking). You can also segment audiences into custom audiences based off people who have visited your site in the past, which makes it easier to get their attention.

m. Use Google ads for similar reasons as Facebook ads because they're both incredibly effective when used correctly! You can target specific audiences by their location or interests and pay per click so you only spend money on advertisements if someone actually clicks through them

n. Utilize Reddit's business pages to post relevant articles about what you do (just make sure not to be too sales-pitchy!) while also interacting with other users within that same subreddit community who are interested in your content . Oftentimes posting original pieces of work will lead others leaving comments asking questions about how different products work etc., which is a great way of generating new leads and customers.

o. Pinterest is a great way for marketing your business because it's all about sharing images, which are much more likely to be "pinned" by users then any other kind of content! Simply upload photos related to what you do while also coming up with creative ways in order to stand out from the crowd

p. Make sure not to spam people on social media but instead post regularly so they know exactly when there will be something new going live at your company or when a major announcement has been made etc., this helps establish trust between potential buyers and creates strong relationships over time . q, Utilize Yelp as another platform where consumers can find information about businesses in their local area including reviews left by previous customers

r. Focus on building trust through positive reviews because they can be incredibly useful for attracting new customers, not to mention encouraging others who have purchased your products or services in the past to leave their own feedback as well . s. Make sure every piece of content you post has something related to what you do so it doesn't seem spammy but instead provides value whenever possible! t. Create videos that are informative and helpful towards viewers by demonstrating how certain products work etc., which will generate more leads/conversions than just simply posting a photo of said product all the time! u. Utilize Google Analytics' Content Experiments tool in order to track user behavior after visiting specific pages on your website (e..g visitors clicking over from certain posts you've made on social media or directly from search results). This information will help determine which content is the most effective and what needs to be changed in order for it to generate more conversions, allowing you to improve your site over time.

v. Use Clicktale's Heatmaps tool in order to see where visitors are clicking while browsing through certain pages of your website (i..g why users aren't scrolling down an entire page etc.,)

w. Utilize Google Analytics' Goals feature by creating specific goals that can be achieved after visiting specific pages within your website (e..g registering as a new user via email signups, adding items into their shopping cart but never checking out etc.), this way you'll know exactly what pages are most effective at generating conversions

x. Make sure every post you share on social media has a call-to-action (e..g asking for followers to like or comment) so it's more likely they'll engage with your company and potentially lead to new business! y. Ask customers directly by sending out surveys through email in order to figure out what works well from an advertising perspective as well as find out if there is anything that can be improved upon, this helps develop stronger relationships between the buyer and seller because everyone benefits !

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