Social Media Tools, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Email Marketing Tool

The world of marketing has changed a lot in the last decade, and it continues to change on a daily basis. Nowadays there are more tools available for marketers than ever before. In this article we will discuss some of the most popular social media tools, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and email marketing tool that can help you get started with your digital marketing efforts.

1. Social Media Tools

Social media offer businesses a new way to reach their target audience. You can use different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for marketing your products and services.

- Buffer - Social Oomph are some of the most popular tools used by marketers to schedule posts on various social networks automatically.

- Hootsuite is another great tool that you can use to manage multiple accounts at once on any major social network including Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat etc...

- Tweetdeck allows you to monitor relevant hashtags as well as mentions from people across all major social channels in one interface which makes it easier for managing your online presence more effectively.

- Later is an email scheduling application that helps with automating promotional activity such as newsletters and blog updates.

- Agorapulse is a social media management tool that offers a comprehensive solution for managing Facebook pages, Twitter profile, YouTube channel etc...

- Postcron helps with scheduling your LinkedIn posts automatically which can be very beneficial if you have multiple accounts to manage at once. - Buffer also supports Linkedin publishing in addition to all major social networks mentioned above.

There are many other tools available on the market when it comes to social media marketing but these will give you great starting point before deciding whether or not you need more advanced solutions in the future.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows marketers to track their website traffic in an effective way by providing detailed reports about users' behavior while visiting different webpage ands discovering which marketing channels and campaigns are giving the best results.

- Google Analytics is available as a free service for any business owner to use, but it's also quite complex tool that requires some getting used before you can get most of its benefits.

In order to take full advantage of this powerful tool you need someone who knows how to set up goals properly in addition to tracking them over time using custom reports. You will then be able to understand what works well on your website and what doesn't so that you don't have waste resources on failed initiatives going forward with your digital marketing efforts. Most marketers aim at increasing sales, leads or other KPIs directly related their revenue generation metrics when they first start working with Google Analytics data.

It's also important to know that Google Analytics doesn't track all of the visitors on your website. You need ecommerce software solution for this purpose which can be integrated with Google Analytics in order to get reports about things like transactions, revenue generated etc...

- Shopify is just one example out of many other different solutions that you can use if you are running an online store. Other popular options include Magento or BigCommerce depending on the size of your business and resources at disposal. Once again it would be wise to consult a professional before setting up any integrations between these services as they require precise configuration according to pre set rules in order not send incorrect data into your analytics platform.

3. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is currently the most popular pay per click advertising service in the world, offering businesses a great opportunity to drive highly targeted traffic directly to their website.

- Google Adwords allows you to create ads for your business which are displayed on search results pages along with regular organic listings returned by Google depending on different factors such as location and time of day etc...

The key benefit that marketers gain from using this platform is that they can choose where exactly their ad will appear among all available options including top or right side bar positions, text links at page bottom etc... This makes it easier for targeting specific groups of users who might be interested in buying what you're selling online.

Another great thing about running campaigns through Google Adwords is that you can define your daily budget which will automatically be charged to your account at the end of each day. This way, if you only want to spend a certain amount on PPC advertising per month or week, you can do so without having to worry about exceeding any pre set limits.

- The downside of running an ad campaign with Adwords is related directly with its cost as most keywords tend to be expensive and not necessarily yielding good results for businesses looking for steady growth rates in revenues and customers acquired via their website.

4. Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is still one of the most effective promotional channels available on the market today.

- Email Marketing tools allow you to send messages containing your offers and latest news directly to subscribers who have opted in for receiving such content from you. You can either create emails yourself or use ready made templates provided by different email marketing services depending on what features they provide at this stage of development.

The more powerful solutions also include analytics which allows marketers to track their results over time and understand how each campaign contributes towards achieving business goals across all areas of online activity including social media, PPC advertising etc...

Another important thing about using an advanced email service provider is that it comes with a built in CRM (customer relationship management) system that can be used to manage contacts and segment them into different categories depending on their interests, geographical location etc...

- In order to avoid breaching any laws related with sending email campaigns from your business it's important to double check all legal requirements when signing up for a new service in particular. It would also be wise to consult a professional before investing in any advanced features as they require precise configuration according to pre set rules in order not send incorrect data into your analytics platform.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that you should always follow best practices when creating emails because these have been proven time and again by marketing professionals around the world as being responsible for generating maximum ROI (return on investment). This means including compelling offers and calls to action that can be easily grasped and acted upon by your target audience.

- Another important factor related with email marketing is the fact that you need to have a clear call to action in order for each campaign sent out via various distribution channels including social media, PPC advertising etc…

5. Keyword Research Tool - Ubersuggest

Whenever you're doing keyword research it's important to use a tool that can provide accurate data as this will allow marketers to focus their efforts on targeting specific groups of users who are actually looking for the product or service being sold.

- Ubersuggest is considered one of the best online tools available at this stage because it provides very precise results related with different phrases entered by people searching Google every day in order find information about various products, services and other resources.

Another great thing about using this particular platform for conducting keyword research is that you have access to over 750 million daily searches which allows marketers to start focusing on opportunities they may not be aware of up until now due to lack of proper tools required for monitoring trends within industry categories etc...

- The only thing that may seem off putting at first is the fact that Ubersuggest doesn't provide monthly search volume data but rather it provides approximate values based on daily searches. However, these are still very close to what you can expect during any given month so they should be used for initial targeting purposes until stats become more accurate over time through Google Analytics etc...

- When using this tool marketers need to take into consideration other factors besides keywords because even though some phrases displayed in drop down menus might not have high numbers when compared with others there's always a chance of them generating much higher conversion rates or sales revenues depending on how well matched they are with landing pages and offer presented to prospective customers before converting them into real paying customers which is why it's important to conduct market research in order to get an idea of what phrases are currently working best for business growth.

6. SEO Checker - SEO Moz

Google's algorithm is becoming more advanced every day so it's very important for marketers to have access to tools that can provide them with accurate data on how well optimized their web pages are.

- The good news is that there are a number of SEO checker platforms available online which allow business owners and marketing managers alike monitor the strength of landing page optimization in order start taking action based on metrics generated by these powerful tools.

- One particular platform worth mentioning at this stage comes from MOZ (Moz company) and goes by the name "SEO Moz". This software allows users to test up to 50 different variables related with website rankings in order pinpoint exact areas where they might need help in order boost conversion rates etc...

Once everything is set up marketers can create custom alerts which will send out notifications based on changes taking place within main SEO metrics such as Domain Authority, Page Authority and more. This allows them to keep track of vital information related with their project's progress over time so they don't have to constantly monitor this data manually or compare it against other tools that might provide slightly different results from one another etc...

- One thing worth mentioning about using this particular platform for conducting keyword research is the fact that you need a paid subscription plan in order take advantage of all features. However, there's also a free trial available at the moment which has been recently announced by company officials during last year's Mozcon event held in Seattle WA (United States).

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