Tips for Using Digg to Drive Blog Traffic

Digg is a social media website that has been around since 2004. It was created to help people find and share the latest news, videos, images, articles, and opinions on various topics. Digg is one of the best places to get your content in front of thousands or even millions of readers if you know how to use it properly. In this blog post we will teach you how to create a blog post on Digg so that your story gets shared with their audience!

1. What is Digg and how does it work?

Digg is a social media website where content gets submitted by users. Content can be anything from articles, videos, images or even opinions. These are known as "stories" on Digg and users are able to submit their own stories under various categories including News & Politics, Technology, Business & Finance and more! If you have an interesting story that other people would like to read about then Digg could help get your blog post in front of thousands of readers! Users will vote on the different stories they see with upvotes (if they enjoy it) or down votes if they did not care for that specific article/story/image/video etc... This gives each piece of content value based off how many times it has been digg'd or how popular it is with that community.

The Digg button is a social sharing plugin for WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr pages which you can add to your own website in order to share content from other websites on the web! The more times a piece of content has been digg'd will show up next to the title so people know if they should read the story right away or not. This helps drive traffic back towards your site when users see something interesting they want to check out themselves.

2. Creating a blog post on Digg

While Digg is a great place to submit your blog posts, you need to make sure that the content on this website is something people want to read about. If you are submitting an article with no images and it doesn't look visually interesting then most readers will probably not be interested in reading it anyways. Make sure when writing your blog post that the title of your story stands out and plays into what someone might find if they click through!

Your next step after creating a headline for your new blog post should be focusing on sharing relevant keywords throughout the body of text as well as any images or videos related to those topics. People who come across these stories will see how many times they have been shared so far under "diggs" which can be a great way to get people interested in clicking through!

If you are writing about something that has nothing to do with technology, politics or other current events then it is probably not the best idea for getting your story shared. You can still submit these types of blog posts but chances are no one will want to read them unless they have been written from an interesting angle. Make sure when submitting content on Digg that it fits right into what their readers might be looking for at the moment and make sure you share all relevant keywords throughout your post so others can find new websites too!

Digg also allows users to comment on different stories which could help generate some traffic back towards your site if someone sees a link posted without any comments yet! This

3. The benefits of Digging content

Since Digg is such a popular website and many people go on it daily to find content, submitting your blog post there can be very beneficial. If you submit the same story everywhere else then chances are that no one will click through because they already saw this piece of content somewhere else before! Try to only publish new articles once or twice per day so users don't get too bored reading about the same topics over and over again which leads back towards why we recommend focusing more on trending stories as opposed to those not getting any attention at all.

Digg also allows their audience members to "follow" different authors which means if someone enjoys what you have written in past blog posts then these readers may want to see even more from you in the future! If you can get a decent following on Digg then this could lead towards building up your own personal blog and social media platform which is something we all want anyways!

It's important to keep in mind that you shouldn't just write content for the sake of getting more readers. When writing about different topics, make sure it comes from an angle people will enjoy reading about whether they are interested in politics or not. The key to success with submitting stories on Digg is by sharing relevant keywords throughout the body of text as well as any images or videos related to those topics while still making each post interesting enough so users actually click through!

4. How to create an account on Digg

In order to create a Digg profile, you will need to provide some basic information including your gender and birthday as well as an email address that is not shared with anyone else. You can also add additional details about yourself such as what you do on a daily basis or any other personal hobbies which could help users get interested in reading more from you!

You might have noticed how we mentioned earlier that it's important to focus on sharing relevant keywords throughout the body of text when submitting stories on Digg because this website wants all posts published there to fit into their audience members interests. This means if someone sees something they like then chances are they will hit up the author's page for even more content similar to what they just read before! The best way to get noticed on Digg is by being different which means you can't just copy and paste the same content over again for every single story.

Once your account has been created, it's time to start digging! Make sure all of your stories are interesting enough so users actually want to click through otherwise they might not even be interested in learning more about what you have written or sharing that piece with their friends. When submitting new articles on Digg always try your best to include relevant keywords throughout the body of text but also make sure there are some images or videos related as well since these tend to attract user attention a lot quicker than plain text alone ever could!

5. Searching for stories to digg

One of the best ways to find stories on Digg is by searching for certain keywords known as tags. These could be related towards different topics such as politics, sports and even business so try out a few searches using these words and see what kind of content comes up! You can also search for your own name or any other author's profile that you want to follow along with because this will help get more people clicking through just like we mentioned earlier in this blog post.

Once you have found an interesting story click over it and check out who else was involved in sharing that piece including their username which should appear right underneath each person's comment section below the main posting area. If there are no comments yet then chances are nobody has seen that particular story yet so it's a great opportunity to be the first person who shares this article with their friends and followers!

One of the best parts about Digg is how content gets listed according to what has been most recently submitted rather than being sorted out by older posts. This means if you want your stories noticed then make sure they are interesting enough so users actually click through from time to time because chances are people won't go back further in history unless something really caught their eye previously which wasn't hard for them to forget afterwards anyways.

6. Submitting your own story to the site

If you want to share your own story on Digg, make sure it's something that is interesting enough so users actually click through and keep reading. This means there has to be some sort of benefit for them which could come in the form of new information or maybe even entertainment!

One way people like sharing their stories more often than others is by making up a catchy title before writing down anything else! Try coming up with short titles first since these are easier to remember where as long ones can get lost among all of the text below if someone isn't interested right away. Also think about including relevant keywords throughout the body but also include images or videos related towards those keywords because this will help attract user attention quickly rather than just plain text alone ever could.

The best way to get noticed on Digg is by being different which means you can't just copy and paste the same content over again for every single story. This means try your best to write something unique that has never been posted before! Check out what other people have submitted so far within each category because this will help give an idea of what people are looking for currently.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should try your best to come up with many different ideas so there will be something new every time someone looks through the latest submissions on Digg!

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