Vlogging: How To Use Video Marketing On Social Media. How vlogging can help your business

Vlogging is a relatively new type of social media that has taken the world by storm. Vloggers, or video bloggers, are internet celebrities in their own right and it seems like everyone wants to be one. Anyone can vlog and there are many benefits to this form of marketing, but before we get into those benefits let's discuss what exactly vlogging is. In the next section we will go over how you can create your very own vlogs with some helpful tips along the way!

1. What is vlogging and why should you use it?

Vlogging is a form of marketing in which you create videos to promote your business or blog.

You can use it to sell products, promote your services or just share information with your followers.

2. How to create a vlog

If you are interested in starting a vlog it can seem overwhelming at first, but with these helpful tips the process is much easier.

-First things first, decide on what your theme will be for your videos. You might want to stick with one or maybe have different themes depending on which part of your business you are trying to promote.

-Second, decide where you would like viewers to go after they watch your video? Do you want them to visit another page within YouTube or do you have an external link that goes directly outside of YouTube?

-Thirdly, how long should each video be? If possible try not to exceed ten minutes because most people don't enjoy watching very lengthy videos unless they're really into the topic.

-Lastly, choose a name for your vlog that is catchy and easily remembered by viewers. Don't forget to include keywords in the title because this will help bring more organic traffic to your videos!

-Once you have decided on all of these things it's time to start filming! Although having an expensive camera isn't necessary when starting out, if you can afford one I would highly recommend getting at least a DSLR with HD capabilities so that you produce high quality content from day one. One option is purchasing a Sony Handycam which has been used by many popular YouTubers such as Jenna Marbles or Louis Cole who have millions of subscribers each! If not then just use whatever camera equipment you have and don't worry too much about it.

-If you want to edit your video on the computer then I would suggest using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, but there are many online editing suites as well that can be used for free! If not then just upload whatever version of your video is filmed straight from the camera into YouTube's native editor and leave it at that because no one will know if they're watching an unedited vlog anyways.

-Now comes the most important part-promoting your videos! You need a great title with relevant keywords in order for Google to properly rank them so make sure those come across very clear in both the titles and descriptions. Also try adding annotations throughout each of your videos to let viewers know about the different products you are selling, services you offer or other videos they should watch. It's not so much being overly intrusive as it is just reminding people that your business exists!

-Last but definitely not least comes branding because this is what will separate your vlogs from everyone else on YouTube! If possible have a professional logo designed for yourself and if not then try taking some photos of yourself smiling with natural lighting in order to increase viewer trustworthiness. Another thing would be creating custom banners (with graphics software) for each video which automatically link back to whatever site you want them to go towards-this increases traffic by an insane amount! If these things don't come naturally then I suggest hiring someone on Fiverr to accomplish them for you.

3. How to take better pictures for your blog posts

Videos can definitely be a great way to market your business and get more people interested in the products you sell, but sometimes photos are much easier for people to digest. For this reason it is important that when taking pictures for blog posts they are quality! If not then don't stress yourself out because there are many free resources online where anyone can learn how to take better pictures with their smartphone or camera. Here's what I recommend:

-First of all-lighting! Unless you already have awesome lighting in your home (which most often time isn't true) try using natural light by opening up curtains or blinds during daytime hours if possible. You could also go outside which would give you even brighter options depending on what type of light is available to you! Just make sure it isn't too dark outside because that will decrease the quality of your photos.

-Secondly-angles are KEY! If possible try not taking pictures directly above or below whatever object you're shooting in order to get a more interesting shot which catches people's eye. Also take several different shots from various angles, close ups and even some wider views if possible so that viewers can see everything included within each picture without having to zoom in themselves. Most importantly just have fun with it because only practice makes perfect when learning how to take better blog post pictures for social media marketing purposes...if there ever was an exception this would be it haha

-Lastly composition where thinking about what goes into the picture and how everything is arranged can make or break a shot! This includes: direction of light, rule of thirds (which requires dividing the image into nine equal parts), avoiding clutter in your background and making sure that whatever you're photographing takes up most of the frame. If possible try taking some before/after shots to see what I mean by these things because it really does make all the difference for blog post pictures whether they are used on social media platforms like Instagram or even as header images across other types of websites.

4. The importance of branding in video blogging

Of course the way you look is extremely important in any type of video blogging because it affects how people perceive your brand! If you want to attract people who are looking for businesses that offer high quality products and services then make sure they see someone who looks professional, approachable, trustworthy...etc. To accomplish this I suggest taking care of your personal hygiene by showering regularly (especially after working out), moisturizing daily with a good lotion or oil which hydrates skin without clogging pores-the key is finding something that works best for YOUR own unique skin type/type of hair etc., using makeup sparingly but correctly when needed, wearing clothes that fit well and flatter rather than ones which are too baggy or tight in areas they shouldn't be...etc. It may seem trivial but in a world where people are becoming increasingly more vain it is important to look your best when marketing yourself and the products you sell!

5. Tips on how to make money with YouTube videos

Okay so now let's talk about how you can make money with your videos by using platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. At the end of each video blogging post it is recommended that you include a section which says something along the lines of: "If you enjoyed this content be sure to like/share and subscribe!" This way people who watch your vlogs will see that their comments (which could also give them likes) are important to YOU! It'll help build up more confidence in viewers if they know someone cares because everyone loves getting feedback on what they create...right? If not then I'm sorry :( Either way many social media channels require at least SOME type of following before allowing users to monetize their posts.

Well YouTube is no exception to this rule however they do allow new users who are not able to monetize their videos (at the moment) to still share in some of the revenue generated by ads placed throughout each vlog post. This way you can at least make a little bit of money for your time and effort in creating content which is used across all types of social media platforms-however it may be small amounts depending on how many people actually watch each video blog! When starting out I recommend just sharing what you love with others because that's what will ultimately keep you motivated when trying something like vlogging, especially if it isn't generating any income right away...etc. Just don forget though that eventually once things get rolling you can always upgrade your account to take advantage of monetization!

6. Why you should be using Instagram as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Well not only does Instagram have the highest engagement rate of all social media platforms but it is also owned by Facebook so there's a huge chance that people who you are connected with on FB will most likely find your IG profile too! Just remember to keep each post unique and interesting in order to generate more followers because let's face it-it would be pretty boring if everyone was doing exactly what someone else was since originality is always best when trying something new...etc. Also don't forget about LinkedIn either which can be used as another valuable platform for professional vloggers especially once they've gained some experience through YouTube or even created their own website where viewers can see everything they do both personally AND professionally! It really comes down to how YOU feel about yourself and what YOU can do to make YOUR life unique because that is essentially the message you're sending others through your blog posts...etc.

If I were going to give a vlogging 101 lesson, these would be my key points: -Vlogs should have personality -Post often but not too much! You don't want people thinking you are spamming their feeds or anything like that :) -Be original and try new things as long as they feel right for who YOU are as an individual Here's another tip which might help those of you out there looking to start a youtube channel (or even if it isn't YouTube) which will ensure success when trying something such as video blogging: Find someone within your "field" who you feel is doing a great job and try to emulate them as much as possible! Who knows maybe they'll even share your vlogs with their own followers...etc.

Either way good luck everyone and I hope this was helpful!!!

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